Studio Visit: Johnson Tsang, PotteryFarm

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YuanYang II, 2002

I first came across Johnson Tsang’s work arriving at Hong Kong’s airport in 2012 and now I am an avid fan of his work!
His ceramic piece of two cups pouring out tea and coffee onto the ground, the two liquids mixing and morphing into two faces kissing. I found this work amazing, different and the fluidity of the forced movement of the liquid made in ceramics was done so well. *In HK, ‘Yin Yueng’ is a local cafe drink made of coffee and tea that can be drunken hot or ice cold.

Johnson Tsang's tools

Splash of Wonder

It was great I was able to visit and meet Johnson. A police sergeant turned sculptural ceramicist, he has been doing ceramics for over 20 years. It all started when Tsang attended an evening ceramics class. He eventually left the police force to follow his passion – sculpture. He now teaches students ceramics in the evenings at his North Point studio.

Johnson Tsang, unfired porcelain hand

Johnson making

Johnson Tsang

His work is amazing and I love them! Each piece is hand built and sculptured with such realism and with great with a sense of humour. He uses photo references to make his human baby faces. He doesn’t make functional pieces but uses thrown bowls as a platform for his sculptural pieces; ceramics is just another medium he uses to make his ideas.


I love you Mummy


Johnson Tsang

Once fired, ceramics is hard and set but Tsang’s pieces often have the theme of water in which he captures the moment of suspended splashed or flowing liquid so well, or by using glaze or real water!
Here a few favourites. You can follow Johnson on Facebook: PotteryFarm PotteryFarm HK or visit his website blog:

When I visited Johnson, he was making new work for a solo exhibition in Taiwan at the end of 2013 after winning the Taiwan Ceramics Biennale 2012. I cannot wait!!! 🙂

Bowls of Fantasy

Bowls of Fantasy, 2011


Johnson Tsang

Johnson Tsang