Restaurant Story | London

Restaurant Story | London | 2013-2018

Chef Tom Sellers commissioned the ‘Lok Ming Fung for Restaurant Story’ tableware range for his first restaurant in London, after having worked at Noma, Trinity, Tom Aikens and Thomas Keller.  Restaurant Story is located on Tooley Street with a stunning view of the Shard and located next to Tower Bridge. In September 2013, they won their first Michelin star – five months after opening and they have retained this ever since.

Tom’s tableware brief was ‘to be slightly different and wanted it natural looking’. Loks’ approach was to ‘go back to basics’ way of making the tableware range out of Stoneware clay and mainly using the process of press moulding to create the tableware pieces and vases. She wanted to keep the natural cracks on the edges to show the way clay responds to the making technique used. Keeping the marks from the making process meant each piece is different, whether it is the size or glaze finish.
One of the dishes, inspired by the fairytale story Goldilocks, Tom’s “Three Bear’s Porridge” is a dessert dish served in three small bowls with childlike spoons that are a bit of a challenge to eat from.

The style of the tableware is natural hand made feel with stone-like texture and glazes of gloss or satin finish creating different visual textures. Partially dip glazing the mugs and spoons, the contrasting surfaces heightens the diner’s experience.