Sinmei Tea | Hong Kong

Sinmei Tea | Hong Kong | 2014

Sinmei Tea is a teahouse cafe based in the trendy area of Sheung Wan in Hong Kong. Promoting traditional tea ceremony with a modern twist, they serve matcha (green tea) inspired food and beverage as well as traditional Chinese tea and Japanese green tea making. With the success of the Hong Kong location they opened a second branch in Shanghai.

Sinmei commissioned Lok Ming Fung to make a collection of matcha bowls for the Hong Kong branch of Sinmei Tea. The Japanese tea ceremony centres on the preparation, serving and drinking of matcha. With the tea made in front of the customer, Sinmei wanted a set of matcha bowls that were more modern, each one to be unique and an opportunity for the customer to use the specially handmade bowl.

For this commission, Loks wanted to keep some hints of a traditional matcha bowl but also injecting contemporary features to reflect the style of the teahouse that serves cool matcha mojitas and matcha fondants, such as textures and markings made where it is unglazed and the use of different glaze effects.