Andrés Lara | Hong Kong

Andrés Lara | Hong Kong | 2014

Pastry chef Andrés Lara commissioned Loks to design and make display presentation pieces for his chocolate creations, from mini gateaus to chocolate bonbons, at a demonstration he would give at the Chocolate Academy in Singapore. Instead of the usual simple acrylic presentation boards, he wanted to give his special creations a unique and different platform to present them on.

Loks wanted to create unique display pieces that would be different but most importantly to give the chef flexibility with the presentation to suit different types of pastries.
One piece made for the chocolate bonbons, a 5-slab tile display set was made and an individual bonbon to sit on each tile. The rectangular tiles are made from a brown stoneware clay that looked like chocolate colour after firing. Little stands are made to prop one end of each tile creating a number of different combination tilting displays.

Andrés is a graduate of the renowned French Pastry School, Chicago and has apprenticed under Albert Adria at Spain’s famous El Bulli.