‘A couple of…experiments’

‘A couple of…experiments’
A ceramics exhibition by Lok Ming Fung x SOIL

“My way of working is design by practice,
To me making is experimenting,
Experimenting to fulfil my curiosity,
Through curiosity I learn about the material,
Learning what works and what does not,
And here I’d like to share it with you all….”

In April 2014, Lok Ming Fung showcased her first Hong Kong solo exhibition showcasing work that shows her personal journey and experimentation to rediscover ceramics again. Four years after graduating and many orders and trade shows along the way Loks wanted to go back to the beginning – basic making techniques and test glazing. The exhibit showcased her ceramic wall art pieces consisting of glaze tests tiles from her extensive experimentation, a series of vessels showing the different making process and vessels using the glazes she made.

“My previous work has been controlled in many ways. This new exhibit I have tried to let loose; going back to the ways our ancestors made vessels and bowls using their hands, pinching and coiling the clay. I love letting the clay do it’s own thing, not trying to cover the ‘flaws’ and marks from the making process. After the Restaurant Story commission in London, this kick started my journey to start making more raw earthy pieces and experiment with glazes again – something I have always enjoyed and wanted to develop further.”

Today many people see ceramic tableware and products as perfect and flawless. Mass production in this industry has led to more affordable ceramics but we have forgotten about the craftsmanship and how the real ceramic clay look and feels like. The showcase showed the other small side of ‘production’ – handmade pieces with marks evident from the different making processes within the body of the vessels and the results of the many stoneware glaze tests.

8 glazes
6 variations each
48 different glazes on 6 different clay bodies,
288 glaze variations.