Art Basel HK 2013 – Late night Gallery opening

Posted by | On 27/05/2013

All around Hong Kong, Galleries were doing events alongside the Art Basel. We headed towards Sheung Wan area of Hollywood Road where some Galleries had late open evenings.

First stop: Contemporary By Angela Li Gallery showcasing Shi Jindian: Paintings & Sculptures’.  Using fine stainless steel wires, he would wrap and twist around the individual components that make up a bicycle or a motorcycle and re attach together again; creating a 3D wire sculpture. Paintings by Shi is also showcased for the first time, just like the time consuming sculptures, his paintings are of circular shapes painted using a thin paintbrush, building layer upon layer, then removed by scraping the paint off, then painting over again, creating the sense of depth in his paintings.

AM_Shi_Jindian - 7


Second stop: The Cat Street Gallery’s current exhibition ‘Wonderworks ‘showcases over 50 artists from around the world. Here’s a few favourites from that night.

Wolfgang Stiller, Matchstick Men I & II


Loved Wolfgang Stiller’s Matchstick men- the oversized burnt matchsticks with casts of human heads.


Uttaporn Nimmalaikaew, Portrait (Little Girls)

We saw Stuart Palm, an event entertainer, he caught our attention by sketching a portrait image of a lady – with a black cloth bag over his head and sporting a metal ski google! She had her hand on his palm but he ‘couldn’t see’ yet the sketch looked like her…..!

I wanted to have a go too… and asked my partner to get him to draw me without him seeing me! 🙂 He asked me all these questions and I tried not to be too detailed or giving too much away and we played The Cube story game; which in the end learnt it was sort of a personality test from the objects I was describing. Seeing the final sketch, I’m sure he could see through the cloth slightly but never the less – it was fun and entertaining!

Stuart Palm drawing me blindfolded