‘A couple of… experiments’ – First Hong Kong exhibition

Posted by | On 25/04/2014

We are excited to announce our first solo exhibition at Hong Kong’s PMQ. Since moving to Hong Kong in April 2013, it has been an amazing journey and opportunities. We have had the time to reflect and go back to making and experimenting with glazing and what a great way to mark it with an exhibition.

Titled ‘A couple of… experiments’, this exhibition shows Loks’ own personal journey and experimentation to rediscover ceramics again.
Today many people see ceramic tableware and products as perfect and flawless. Mass production in this industry has led to more affordable ceramics but we have forgotten about the craftsmanship and how the real ceramic clay look and feels like.
“Here I want to show the other side of  ‘production’ – handmade pieces with marks evident from the different making processes within the body of the vessels and the results of my stoneware glaze tests.”

Thanks to SOIL for their support.